Mini Santa | free crochet pattern

Amigurumi mini Santa

A Mini Santa just in time for Christmas! If you are looking for easy and quick makes for your Christmas decoration, as an ornament or as a gift, then this little Santa is just perfect for you.

I hope you will enjoy making Mini Santa.

Happy crocheting!

*Please keep in mind that I really love what I’m doing and that’s why I’m putting a lot of effort and time to share this pattern for free. So, allow me to mention that this pattern is for personal use only and may not, in parts or in whole, be reproduced, sold, distributed or used for commercial purposes without authorization. You can sell the finished item, but please credit IwannaBeHara as the designer. You can share this pattern only with a link to this post.

Thank you for respecting my work!

Mini Santa

(You can find this pattern also on @iwannabehara )


– Small amount of 100% Cotton yarn 125m | 50gr (or any yarn you prefer) in 1) white 2) a color of your choice for the skin 3) red and 4) black. You will also need a thread of yellow yarn for the buckle.

– Crochet hook for the yarn you use. I used a 2,5 mm hook.

– Scissors

– Tapestry needle

– Stitch marker or a thread of yarn (whatever works for you) as we will work in continuous rounds (spiral)

– Soft toy stuffing

– 2 small black beads for the eyes (optional)

Finished size: approx. 9,5 cm | 3.8 inches if worked with suggested yarn and hook.

Abbreviations (US Terms)

mr – magic ring

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

spsc – spike single crochet stitch (see instructions below)

sl st(s) – slip stitch(es)

st(s) – stitch(es)

fl – front loop

bl – back loop

inc – increase: work 2sc in same stitch

dec – decrease: work 2sc together as 1; Tip: do this by putting your hook only through the fl of the stitches (invisible decrease).

R, rnd(s) – round(s)

[…] x… – repeat instructions within [] x … times

(…) – total number of stitches in this rnd

FO – fasten off

How to make the spike single crochet stitch (spsc):

Make a sc 2 rnds below the rnd you are working on (see also photo below):


– Mini Santa is worked in one piece. We will start from the hair.

– The hat and the moustache are worked separately and sewn onto the doll. *The moustache is optional, you can also embroider it with a few sts.

– Color changes are made in the last step of the last sc of the rnd.

Let’s crochet Mini Santa


With white

R1. 6sc in a mr (6)

R2. [inc] x6 (12)

R3. [sc, inc] x6 (18)

R4. sc, inc, [2sc, inc] x5, sc (24)

R5. 24sc (24)

Now we will continue with the hair and the beard, but we will work in rows.


R6a. in fl only [5sc, inc] x3 (21), ch 1, turn

R7a. [6sc, inc] x3 (24), ch 1, turn

R8a. [7sc, inc] x3 (27); continue with the beard.


1. Ch 11, now make a sc in stitch A on the other side of the hair (see also photo below), ch 1, turn

2. work into the chs: 4sc, hdc, [3 dc in the same st], hdc, 4sc; make a sl st in next st and FO leaving a tail.

Head / Body

Holding the hair with the close part looking downwards, attach the color you chose for the skin in a bl of rnd 5, in the middle of the back side (see also photo below).

R6b. in bl 24sc (24)

R7b-10. (4 rnds) 24sc (24); after rnd 10 change to red

R11-14. (4 rnds) 24sc (24); after rnd 14 change to black but don’t cut the red yarn yet.

R15. 24sc (24); change to red

R16a. in fl only 24 sl sts (*not too tight) (24)

R16b. in bl only of rnd 15: 24sc (24)

R17. 24sc (24); change to black

R18. 24sc (24)

Start stuffing the doll, but don’t overstuff it. Mini Santa should be able to stand by his own.

R19. sc, dec, [2sc, dec] x5, sc (18)

R20. in bl only [sc, dec] x6 (12)

R21. [dec] x6 (6)

FO leaving a long tail to close the remaining hole with the tapestry needle (put the needle only through the front loops of the remaining 6 sts). Pull tightly and secure the yarn end.


Start with red. Don’t stuff.

R1. 6sc in a mr (6)

R2. 6sc (6)

R3. [sc, inc] x3 (9)

R4. 9sc (9)

R5. [2sc, inc] x3 (12)

R6. 12sc (12)

R7. [3sc, inc] x3 (15)

R8. 15sc (15)

R9. [4sc, inc] x3 (18)

R10. 18sc (18)

R11. [5sc, inc] x3 (21)

R12. 21sc (21)

R13. [6sc, inc] x3 (24)

R14. 24sc (24)

R15. [7sc, inc] x3 (27); change to white

R16-17. (2 rnds) 27sc (27)

R18. 27 spsc (27)

FO leaving a long tail for sewing.


(Moustache is optional.) With white

Ch 6; starting from 2nd ch from hook:

sl st, dc, sl st, dc, sl st

FO leaving a long tail for sewing.


– Sew the beads onto the face, in the center of the front side, between rnds 7b-8, about 2 sts apart. You can also embroider the eyes.

– With the yarn tail left at the end of the beard, sew it with a few sts in place.

– Sew the moustache onto the face, just above the beard (or embroider it with a few sts).

– Embroider with yellow yarn the buckle, in the middle of the front side, on rnd 15.

– Sew the hat onto the head.

– Add a piece of yarn on top of the hat if you want to use Mini Santa as an ornament.

Mini Santa is finished!

I hope you have enjoyed making him!

I would love to see your Mini Santa, so please don’t forget to tag me @iwannabehara 😉

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