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Little pomegranate charm | Advent Cal 2020 – free crochet pattern

Time has past so quickly! For the last day of our Advent Cal 2020 this little pomegranate charm was hiding behind the calendar’s door to bring you hopefully a lot of luck for the new year!

In Greek culture, since ancient times, the pomegranate («ρόδι» – ródi) is a symbol of life, good luck, renewal and prosperity (among others).

It’s also a Greek tradition to break a pomegranate on New Year’s day, on the house’s front door, for good luck during the new year.

And it’s also very common to give a pomegranate charm as a little gift for good luck («γούρι» | goúri – good luck, but also charm)!

So, with this little pomegranate charm we wish you the best of luck for the New Year!

Thank you for joining our Advent Cal 2020! We hope you had a lot of fun crocheting along with us.

Happy holidays!

*Please keep in mind that I really love what I’m doing and that’s why I’m putting a lot of effort and time to share this pattern for free. So, allow me to mention that this pattern is for personal use only and may not, in parts or in whole, be reproduced, sold, distributed or used for commercial purposes without authorization. You can sell the finished item, but please credit IwannaBeHara as the designer. You can share this pattern only with a link to this post.

Thank you for respecting my work!

Day 24 of #adventcal2020: Little pomegranate charm

(You can find this pattern also on @iwannabehara)

pomegranate charm


– 100% Cotton yarn 125gr/50m (or any yarn you prefer) in red. Also, a thread of black yarn for the eyes and the mouth, a thread of white yarn for the eyes and a thread of pink or rose yarn for the cheeks.

– Crochet hook for yarn you use. I used a 2,5 mm hook.

– Scissors

– Tapestry needle

– Stitch marker or thread of yarn (whatever works for you) as we will work in continuous rounds (spiral)

– Soft toy stuffing

Finished size: approx. 6,5 cm | 2.50 in, if worked with suggested yarn and hook.

Abbreviations (US terms)

mr – magic ring

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

sl st(s) – slip stitch(es)

ch – chain

bl – back loop

fl – front loop

inc – increase; work 2sc in same stitch

dec – decrease; work 2sc together as 1; Tip: do this by putting your hook only through the fl of the stitches (invisible decrease).

R – round

[…] x… – repeat instructions between [] x … times

(…) – total number of stitches in this rnd

FO – fasten off

Pomegranate charm

With red

R1. 6sc in a mr

R2. [inc] x6 (12)

R3. [sc, inc] x6 (18)

R4. sc, inc, [2sc, inc] x5, sc (24)

R5. [3sc, inc] x6 (30)

R6. 2sc, inc, [4sc, inc] x5, 2sc (36)

R7. [5sc, inc] x6 (42)

R8.-17. (10 rnds) 42sc (* if you prefer the small pomegranate, make only 8 rnds)

R18. [5sc, dec] x6 (36)

R19. 2sc, dec, [4sc, dec] x5, 2sc (30)

R20. [3sc, dec] x6 (24); start stuffing

R21. sc, dec, [2sc, dec] x5, sc (18)

R22. [sc, dec] x6 (12)

R23. in bl only 12sc; stuff a bit more, if needed

R24. [dec] x6 (6)

FO leaving a long tail to close the remaining hole with the tapestry needle (put needle only through the front loops of the remaining 6 sts). Pull tightly and secure yarn end.


With red

Go back to the front loops of R22. Make a slipknot on your hook and attach the yarn in any fl on the back side. Continue crocheting in the same direction as you did for the main part.

crochet pomegranate

R1. in fl 12sc

R2. [2sc, dec] x3 (9)

R3. 9sc

R4. [sl st, in next st: (dc, ch 2, sl st in 2nd ch from hook, dc), in next st: sc] x3

Make a sl st and FO. Weave in the yarn ends.


Embroidering the face is optional. You can also leave the pomegranate as it is.

– With black and white yarn embroider the eyes on the face, between rnds 12-15, about 5 sts apart.

– With black yarn embroider the mouth on the face, between rnds 11-13, centered.

– With pink or rose yarn embroider the cheeks just below the eyes.

crocheted pomegranate



amigurumi pomegranate

I hope you have enjoyed making this little charm!

I would love to see your pomegranates, so please tag me @iwannabehara

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