Mystery Cal | Part 4

mystery cal - part 4

Last part of Mystery Cal today and let’s reveal the mystery! Have you made all the clues? Can’t wait to see what’s behind these 3 weeks of crocheting and playing around? Or have you already solved the mystery and want to confirm your suspicions? Well, here we are! Thank you for crocheting along with me these last weeks! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

If you are not sure what this is all about, you can find general info and details on the Mystery Cal post. And if you ‘ve just decided to join us, find all the clues on Mystery Cal | Part 1,  Mystery Cal | Part 2 and Mystery Cal | Part 3. In this case, don’t continue reading – spoiler alert! 

The clues we should have made:
mystery cal's clues per week

Clues per week

And… let’s organize them a little bit before we put them together:

mystery cal's clues

Mystery Cal | Part 4


We will do this in 3 steps:

1. Join Clue 3 of Week 3 to Clue of Week 2:amigurumi robot body and base
amigurumi robot joining base to body

Join Clue 3 to Clue of 2nd week by crocheting 42 sc around – first through sc of Clue 3 and then through corresponding sc of Clue of 2nd week. If it’s necessary, add some stuffing before closing the round. Fasten off and secure yarn.


2. Join Clue 3 of Week 1 and Clue 2 of Week 3 to Clue 1 of Week 1:

amigurumi robot arms and handles

But first, we have to finish Clue 1:
amigurumi robot arms

With tapestry needle insert yarn tail through the center and bring it out at the side. Pull yarn to flatten the surface.

Now we can continue with joining:
amigurumi robot joining handles to arms

1. With tapestry needle pull the yarn tail to the center. 2. & 3. Sew it to bottom of Clue 1. 4. Important: do this by keeping it parallel to the yarn tail of Clue 1 – as shown in the picture.

amigurumi robot join handles

After sewing, pull yarn to an edge to join the ends together.

That’s how we want it to look like:

amigurumi robot arm


3. Assembly!
amigurumi robot assembly

Sew arms, legs and antenna to the body

amigurumi robot where to put eyes

With a little thread of black yarn, embroider eyes and mouth to the body. The arrows are showing where I put the eyes – that is in the 4th round above the round of dark grey, leaving 9sc between them. I also put the mouth (length 7sc) between 1st and 2nd round above the round of dark grey. Of course you can put the eyes and mouth wherever you want to!

Ta-dahhh! Let me introduce to you… Roby!

amigurumi robot

And as it’s getting very very warm he wants to go to the beach! With his lifebuoy and his cap – you can find them here:  Mystery Cal | Bonus.

amigurumi robot

I hope you like Roby and had some fun with this Mystery Cal! Well, I certainly enjoyed playing and crocheting along with you 🙂 and I’m very happy seeing your makes on Instagram! Thank you for joining me these last few weeks!

Now, I can’t wait to see your little Roby – so don’t forget to use #iwannamysterycal on Instagram so we can share our makes and admire them 😉

Have a wonderful summer!