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Advent Cal 2020

Advent Cal 2020

Welcome everybody! After all the fun we had last year with Advent Cal 2019, we are very excited to announce the beginning of our second Advent Cal, the Advent Cal 2020!

23 Greece related crocheters have joined again their forces to create an Advent Calendar event just for you as a big thank you for your love and support.

What is the Advent Cal 2020?

The Advent Cal 2020 is a crochet-along event on Instagram happening from the 1st to the 24th of December. It will include 24 free crochet patterns, one released each day until Christmas.

The patterns include amigurumi, Christmas ornaments, home decorations, accessories and gift ideas and differ in levels (from beginner to intermediate), so there will be something for everyone!

How does it work?

Starting from the 1st of December, each day one new crochet pattern will be released and posted on the designer’s Instagram feed. On each post you will get all the information you need to make the pattern (materials list, photos and instructions). You will also get the information on where to find the next day’s pattern, so make sure that you read the description.

By the 24th of December, you will have collected 24 unique patterns and have made 24 small gifts for you and your loved ones!

The link to each pattern will also be posted here on the blog, so make sure that you visit daily to collect them all.

What will I need?

Each pattern calls for different materials and hooks, which will be listed on the pattern post.


So all you need to do for now is follow the #AdventCal2020 on Instagram and get ready to have fun!

Happy crocheting!

We would love to see your makes so don’t forget to use the hashtag #AdventCal2020 and tag the designer when sharing on your social media.

Below you will find all the participating designers and the date that their pattern will be posted. Click on their names to visit their profile and follow them so you won’t miss any pattern 😉

Date, Advent Cal patterns and designers

Day 1: Little star by @iwannabehara

Day 2: @thebluebobbin

Day 3: @ltblogged

Day 4: @yum_yarn

Day 5: @eliso._

Day 6: @loula.lalou

Day 7: @aminationblog

Day 8: @nioshandmade

Day 9: @kouvarakia

Day 10: @moe_crochet

Day 11: @mariadimitrakopulu

Day 12: @akamatra

Day 13: @thedottyduck

Day 14: @adamakiathanasia

Day 15: @thelittlebunnycrochet

Day 16: @littlehappyllama

Day 17: @gewkat58

Day 18: @byknittyprettyamigurumi

Day 19: @alekacraftaholic

Day 20: @biancas__creations

Day 21:

Day 22: @knot_by_alki

Day 23: @yarnistas

Day 24: @iwannabehara

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