Mystery CAL

mystery cal

Welcome to my very first Mystery CAL! Thank you for being here, this is so exciting! I would love to see you joining us and I hope we will have a lot of fun crocheting along!

What is a CAL?

For those of you who might don’t know what a CAL is about, CAL means Crochet Along. It’s a project in which a part of a pattern is released at regular intervals and then each of the participants crochets that part at the same time. [I like the idea that people who don’t know each other are somehow connected by sharing their passion and by working on the same project!] It can be about blankets, amigurumis, etc.

Well, the difference between a Mystery CAL and a CAL is that in a Mystery Cal we don’t actually know what we are working on. We get the parts of the pattern, we follow the instructions but we don’t have any idea about the finished object until the end! Surprise!

And because I love mysteries and surprises I’m very intrigued by this idea 🙂 What about you? Are you intrigued as well?

About the pattern

The pattern for this CAL is something I worked on for several days, experimenting and starting all over again, trying to make something cute! I hope you’ ll like it!

How it works

Every Monday I will post here on the blog a part (or more) of the pattern. This means that you have to wait until the last post to find out what you were working on – unless you’ll find it earlier 😉 This Mystery Cal will last from Monday, June 10 – Monday, July 1.

In every post you will find one or more patterns («clues») written in US terms, the necessary material, abbreviations and photos.

The only thing I can say for now (and you will probably find out anyway reading about the necessary material below) is that the final object will be an amigurumi! If you have never crocheted an amigurumi before, this is an easy pattern to follow, so why not giving it a try?

If you don’t like mysteries the way I do, be patient and wait until the end of this Mystery Cal! You can then crochet it one-off.

I will remind you about every new post on Instagram and Facebook – so, stay tuned!

Don’t forget to use #iwannamysterycal so we can share our makes and guesses 😉

What you will need

– Cotton yarn (or any yarn you prefer). Suggestions for colours:

  • Colour A (main colour): any bright colour or white or off-white or grey (not too dark) – Choose one (I needed less than 50g / 125m)
  • Colour B: small amount of orange. If you have chosen orange as your main colour, use for colour B a lighter one or yellow
  • Colour C: small amount of light grey
  • A small amount of dark grey and black

– Crochet hook (I used 3mm)

– scissors

– stitch marker or a thread of yarn (whatever works for you)

– tapestry needle

– pins

– soft toy stuffing

Ready? So, grab your hooks, choose your yarn and let’s have some fun! See you on Monday!

Happy crocheting 😉

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